LSSA announces appointment of new vice chair to support drive towards digitalisation of legal industry API frameworks

The LSSA is excited to announce the appointment of Paul Albone, COO of TM Group, as vice chair. Paul’s role will involve working with the chair, Tim Smith and the leadership team to set and maintain professional standards within the industry and manage areas of mutual interest between lawyers and software providers.

Paul has over 30 years’ experience of leading tech teams in developing large scale IT platforms and is responsible for the strategic direction of TM Group.

When asked why he had decided to take on the role Paul says:

“This role will allow me to bring my experience, specifically in conveyancing, to the LSSA to help drive digitalisation of processes and the development of robust API frameworks so organisations can interact cross-platform on the same housing transaction.”

He adds:

“I’ve always believed that integration between platforms and how we can better serve our shared customer base is fundamental to reducing the amount of re-keying that takes place.  My technology background and experience will enable the LSSA to lead the agenda on how we can drive data streamlining processes and save time for all involved.”

“This is what’s great about being a member of the LSSA and is the exciting opportunity for the future. I’m looking forward to working with Tim to champion the benefits of digitalisation in the industry.”

Chair of LSSA, Tim Smith says,

“We’re delighted to bring onboard someone of Paul’s experience and enthusiasm.  It will be great to work with him to help drive the LSSA forward into an exciting new era.”

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