Interview with Paul Albone, new vice chair of LSSA

Tell us about your current role and job title?

As COO of TM Group, I have overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the business and also run in technology teams that develop and support our products.  I’ve been with the business for almost 20 years and have over 30 years’ experience of leading tech teams in developing large scale IT platforms.

Why have you taken the role as VC?

I think the VC role will allow me to bring some of my experience to the wider group, specifically in relation to targeting the conveyancing sector and the drive for digitalisation of the processes and the development of robust API frameworks so organisations can interact cross-platform on the same housing transaction.

What are you looking to bring to the role and what’s your vision for the future of the LSSA?

I’ve always believed that integration between platforms and how we can better serve our shared customer base is fundamental to streamlining processes and reducing the amount of re-keying that takes place.  I am hoping that my technology background and experience within the property market will enable the LSSA to set out its own agenda on how we can use the drive for data to streamline processes and save time for all involved. 

 Tell us a bit about how you will work with Tim and the Leadership team?

I’ve always been one for rolling my sleeves up and doing whatever is needed, although my team no longer let me ‘code’ anything!  I’ve been involved with COPSO for many years and have seen first-hand some of the challenges that its members have faced due to changes in market conditions and consolidation of suppliers, so I am sure my experience can be used to help structure some thoughts around the similar trends we are experiencing in the Legal Software market.

I’m really pleased to be taking up the role of Vice-Chair of the LSSA.  Having been around the property search business for 20 years, I’m encouraged by the energy that I see across the market, exploring how to leverage technology to create efficiencies through automation and integration.  The property search market is undergoing a transformation as it explores what that digitisation journey means to it, and how to release the power of data from what has historically been seen as locked PDFs. Of course, data standards need to be at the heart of this journey and I hope to work with the LSSA management team and members to drive for connected systems and help develop emerging standards such as the Property Data Trust Framework.

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