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Osprey Approach

Main UK Address
Suite 1, Falstaff House, Sandys Road, Malvern, WR14 1JJ

03300 604940


Matthew Lancaster (Sales & Marketing Director)

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LSSA, Microsoft Gold Partner

Company & Product Overview

Pracctice Ltd have been supplying the Osprey accounts and case management system to law firms for over 22 years now and have over 600 law firms using our software and as such are one of the leading suppliers of software to the UK legal market. Our users range from Sole Practitioners through to firms with over 500 users, we have firms who operate throughout the UK and specialise in a wide variety of legal work.

In the spring of 2004 we launched the UK's first web based software package for law firms, Osprey.TM. This latest system was the result of many years and millions of pounds worth of development. Osprey.TM was the first true web based software package for law firms and still to this day is years ahead of most other legal systems on the market.

Osprey.TM is a fully integrated accounts, time recording and case management system that offers law firms unprecedented levels of user functionality and client interaction. Created using the latest web based Microsoft .Net technology Osprey.TM is a total and pure web based product. Being a web based product brings many major business and operational benefits to our clients. We do not need to install any software at the users PC, therefore extending the life of the firms investment in hardware. Our clients are not required to invest in any server hardware or expensive database licences and we remove the need for expensive communication links allowing remote offices, home workers and clients simple, secure and efficient access to the system. All that is required to access and run our software is access to the internet via a broadband type connection. Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity and Security are all built in to the service.

Target Markets

Smaller High Street Firms (2-5 partners / 6-25 users)

Large High Street Firms (6-10 partners / 26+ users)

Commercial Firms (11-20 partners)

City + Major Regional firms (21 -50 partners)

Major City + International (51+ partners)

Legal Aid Practitioners

Criminal Practitioners

Corporate In-house Legal Departments

Public / Local Authority Legal Departments

Geographic Markets

England & Wales


Northern Ireland

Irish Republic

Channel Islands


Categories of Products & Services Supported

Financial & Practice Management

Accounts & practice management systems

Cas Management

Time recording

Legal aid/franchise management

Marketing & relationship management

Case Management

Legal aid work

Non-contentious corporate business (eg conveyancing, remortgaging)

Private client (eg conveyancing, probate, matrimonial)

Litigation - defendant (eg ULR, RTA, PI)

Litigation - claimant (eg ULR, RTA, PI)

Other case management - Immigration, Electronic legal forms integration

Online Systems & Services

Hosted service provider

Client extranets & direct access

Legal e-business/e-commerce

Support Systems & Services


Systems integration, consultancy & project management

Training (specialist)