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Don’t use COVID-19 as an excuse for a poor IT strategy

Craig Matthews. Chair of the LSSA and CEO of Osprey Approach. July 2020.


Online Collaboration With Clients & Third Parties

Select Legal. Blog. June 2020.


Access to acquire Eclipse Legal Systems to expand its Legal solutions suite and extend its presence in the Legal Sector

Press Release. 24th June. Eclipse Legal Systems

The Access Group, today announced the agreement to acquire Eclipse Legal Systems. Read more.


Working from home

Here are our top eight security tips for any law firm that has staff working from home. Read more.


Morrish Solicitors commits to Advanced for digital-first practice and case management

Press Release. Advanced. June 2020.

Advanced has signed a new deal with Morrish Solicitors LLP which will see the Yorkshire-based law firm implement Tikit Partner for Windows (P4W) to handle its practice and case management as well as Tikit Connect for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and marketing activities. Read more.


Quill launches free industry analysis tool, Quilldex, to assist legal sector recoveryJulian Bryan, Chair, Legal Software Suppliers Association

Press Release, Quill, June 2020

Leading legal software and outsourced service supplier, Quill, has launched an innovative industry analysis tool, called Quilldex, giving free access to real-time-data charts depicting instruction volumes by specialism. Read more.


Quill’s growth plans looking beyond current COVID-19 crisis

Press Release, Quill, May 2020

Quill’s grown its headcount by three employees in the past month. In March, Quill welcomed Harry McHarry (Product Development Director), Pete Richards (Development Team Manager) and Robert Graham (Lead UI Developer) into its development team, primarily based in Brighton. Read more.


Embrace remote working. Work from home with confidence and efficiency.

April 2020. Article by LEAP UK

The culture of remote working is fast becoming the norm for most companies. There are occasions when remote working is a necessity, for example when there are travel problems, bad weather, flooding, power outages, health issues or office closures. Read more.


Quill Forms webinars: work from home & save money!

Quill’s hosting a series of half-hour webinars throughout April on its electronic forms product and offering the first 90 days free of charge upon sign up. Read more.


Advanced acquires Tikit from BT Group plc

Press Release. Advanced. March 2020.

Fifth acquisition in twelve months, and first sizable deal since BC investment in August 2019. Demonstrates Advanced’s focus on growing professional services expertise. Read more.


LSSA COVID-19 statement. LSSA - Legal Software Services Association

10th March 2020

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Coronavirus (COVID-19) around the world.

The LSSA have decided to cancel all face to face appointments and meetings in light of the current situation. Where possible meetings will be conducted using videoconferencing. We are minimising face-to-face contact.

We understand that as a community, we must work together to do everything possible to minimise the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

The most important thing is for us all to stay safe, healthy, and connected.


Legal Workflow joins Innovation Martlesham

Press Release. Legal Workflow. March 2020

Legal Workflow is delighted to announce membership of Innovation Martlesham, an established cluster of high-tech ICT companies located at Adastral Park, Suffolk, home of BT’s national operation centre, test facilities and global Research and Development Unit. Read more.


Disbursements and expenses: VAT and its application

By Quill. March, 2020Disbursements and expenses: VAT and its application

The legal profession is no stranger to the complications of legal accounting rules. In the past few months, law firms UK wide have been getting to grips with revisions to existing accounts regulations. Now, with recent developments in case law, not least the judgment made in Brabners LLP v HMRC, treatment of VAT for disbursements and expenses has been brought into the spotlight. Read more.


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How to prepare your business for coronavirus

Press Release. Quill. March, 2020

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the UK, individuals displaying symptoms are self-isolating and businesses encouraging working from home. These measures are actively recommended by the government in its approach to containing the transmission of COVID-19.deployment. Read more.


Insight Legal offers a COVID-19 home working solution for Law Firms

Press Release. Insight Legal Software Ltd. March 2020.

The leader in Legal Technology for the UK and ROI has today announced that it will provide free migration to the cloud for Law Firms that currently utilise its software in an on premise deployment. Read more.


Managing the Professional Indemnity Market

easy convey. Press Release. March 2020.

The Renewal of the Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) Policy has often been a time-consuming and difficult experience for solicitor firms of all sizes. Read more.


Peak holiday season outsourced cashiering support

By Julian Bryan, Managing Director, Quill

Peak holiday seasons are characterised by people taking a short respite from work to enjoy some much-needed relaxation and fun with family and friends. While employees look forward to scheduled holidays, it causes obvious problems for employers. With several key staff absent simultaneously, departments become short staffed or, worst case scenario, unmanned altogether. For smaller businesses particularly, the latter is an all-too-real possibility. Read more.


Seven Deadly ‘Software’ Sins For Law Firms

Law firms change their practice management software for a wide variety of reasons. Of course all are aiming to improve their practices, however, the driving factors differ from firm to firm. Read more.


Insight Legal becomes a Strategic Partner of The Law Society

Insight Legal Software. Press Release. February 2020.

Insight Legal Software is delighted to announce that following a period of assessment by the Law Society of England and Wales, it has become one of their strategic partners. Read more.


Achieve your 2020 vision with dedicated legal accounts software

Quill. Article. February 2020.

2020 is not only a new year; it’s the start of a new decade. Hence, it’s an apt time to be mapping out your professional objectives for the years ahead. Is IT an essential component in your strategic plan? Your firm’s success may very well depend upon it because embracing the power of technology reaps myriad benefits. Ultimately, IT is the best future proofing your company can invest in.