LawNeeds joins the LSSA to expand horizons in legal technology

The LSSA  (Legal Software Suppliers Association) is delighted to welcome LawNeeds as the latest legal technology provider to join the Association.

As the industry body for developers and vendors of legal systems, the LSSA maintains standards in technology and manages areas of mutual interest between lawyers and providers of legal software.

LawNeeds helps provide legal services on the go: its mobile application provides personalised and affordable legal services to users. LawNeeds specialises in contract law, family law, immigration law and road traffic offences. The mobile app is powered by artificial intelligence and LawNeeds’ plan is to revolutionise how legal services are accessed and delivered in the UK.

Founded in 2024 by Steve Okolo, LawNeeds is based in London and aims to make legal assistance more accessible and efficient by breaking down traditional barriers and bringing expert legal advice directly to users’ fingertips.

LawNeeds CEO, Steve Okolo, shares his insights on the company’s vision and its decision to join the LSSA:

“Joining the LSSA marks a significant milestone for LawNeeds. Our mission is to make high-quality legal services more accessible and affordable through our AI-powered mobile app. We aim to boost the brand by enhancing its credibility and trustworthiness through recognised industry affiliation and networking opportunities with the LSSA.”

LSSA CEO, Kevin Horlock, comments, “The LSSA is delighted to welcome LawNeeds to our vibrant and diverse community of legal tech vendors. We are confident that its expertise will be a valuable addition to our Association, fostering further advancements in legal technology.”

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