The five best practices needed for building a high-performance culture, as recommended by legal-sector experts

By Osprey Approach.

Building high performing teams is a top challenge this year. 57% of law firm leaders surveyed in LPM’s 2024 Frontiers report said recruiting and retaining talent has become more, or significantly more, challenging. And according to LexisNexis, who surveyed 588 law firm leaders for the Disloyal Lawyers Report, talent attraction and retention is one of the top three challenges facing practices in the next 12 months.

The LexisNexis report also found that seven out of ten firm leaders believe associates are less loyal than previous generations, so improving retention rates and loyalty needs to be a priority when it comes to building and nurturing an effective workplace culture for the longer term.

Five best practices from law firm leaders and experts across the legal sector

During our Build Better Habits webinar series, we interviewed practice management specialists, law firm leaders, and legal tech experts to uncover what it takes to run effective teams. We’ve taken the expert advice from industry leaders at ILFM, LPM, InfoTrack, The CS Partnership and many more, to distil the top five best practices for building high-performing teams and an effective law firm culture that improves retention rates and help attract top talent.

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Empowering employees builds high-performing legal teams

Fostering a supportive, honest, and dynamic workplace culture that is aligned with your firm’s values helps to boost performance, loyalty, and engagement. If your goal is to improve the long-term success of your firm, the first place to start is with your people and cultural values, and the financial successes will follow.

However, cultural changes don’t happen overnight; it requires small tweaks and improvements over time. Sarah Keegan, Co-Owner of The CS Partnership highlights: “It’s about the little changes; the one percent improvements continually repeated will bring change.” Firms that are self-aware of their habits and behaviours and proactively review and adapt are the firms that have high-performing teams and outperform the competition.

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