Elevating the property transaction experience: tmgroup sets sights on world-class customer service

The property transaction is challenging enough, and in an evolving climate where technology solutions can lighten the administrative and legislative workloads, property is still very much a people business at its heart.

Property search and data specialists, tmgroup are fully committed to that ethos and believe service excellence is a key part of their success story, as they continue to break down barriers and be easy to do business with. Their commitment to world-class service excellence has taken another step forward with enhancements to their Client Services operations.

tmgroup’s Client Services team has also been developing new ways to enhance the customer experience for their clients, providing more regionalised, tailored support and delivering even greater efficiencies for everyone.  These advancements have primarily been realised through the strengthening of internal partnerships between departments and the development of greater expertise and skills within their teams.

High levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty

tmgroup’s latest Net Promoter Score (NPS), used to gauge customer loyalty, satisfaction and sentiment, was scored as “excellent” and close to “world-class” level. Their latest customer service delivery refinements puts tmgroup on course to achieve the highest standards of customer service.  

Satisfaction levels among tmgroup clients are already high, with praise across the board for its easy-to-use systems and great customer service.

Proactive and tailored customer-centric service

Customer Experience Director at tmgroup, Jane Towner, comments: “We now provide an even more tailored approach in meeting our clients’ specific needs and proactively identify issues at the earliest possible stage, with robust internal processes for investigation and resolution. It is clear that our customers are now experiencing the full benefits of our enhanced service methodology in action. Troubleshooting is faster and more effective, our clients are better informed and connected, and receive an even more personal touch than ever before.”

Over the course of its 20-plus year history, great service has been the bedrock to tmgroup’s forward-thinking property data solutions. While the company continues to focus on delivering more tech solutions through its ‘client+design’ philosophy, tmgroup’s shift towards an even more customer-centric service model underlines their commitment to achieving a truly world-class service to its clients. For further information about tmgroup, visit their website.