Empowering Law Firm Leaders series turns focus on how SME law firms can build effective leadership teams

Osprey Approach announces that the second episode in a series of expert interviews, Empowering Law Firm Leaders, has launched today. This latest episode features an insightful discussion with experienced legal consultant and former solicitor, Ian Hopkins, and is available now to watch and listen for free.

Having spent over three decades in various fee earner and managerial roles, Ian Hopkins understands what makes a high-performing law firm. In conversation with Osprey Approach’s head of marketing, Amy Bruce, Ian shares his knowledge and insights to help law firm leaders build effective leadership teams.

During the conversation, Ian shares his top three tips for running a successful law firm and what it takes to be a good leader, as well as how to overcome the four key challenges law firms currently face.

Ian said: – “A good leadership team is important for creating a positive culture that motivates and inspires individuals to meet business goals. Don’t just think ‘leader’ in terms of the person at the top of the business. You really need to create leaders at all levels because that’s where you get the drive from to move the business forward.”

Osprey’s Empowering Law Firm Leaders interview series follows the success of its ‘Build Better Habits’ webinars, and will take a critical look at the key topics that will empower leaders and teams to help make running a law firm easier. Over the coming weeks, Amy Bruce will be joined by other guests including Shaun Jardine, managing director at Big Yellow Penguin, Amy Bell, owner of Teal Compliance, and Simon Tupman, best-selling author and management consultant.

Watch the full interview with Ian Hopkins now to discover more advice and guidance on building an effective leadership team. Ian also shares exclusive advice to all future law firm leaders on how to motivate a team and what firms must plan for to avoid unwanted surprises.