tmgroup introduces secure single portal access

Password fatigue is a common problem with user digital interfaces. Remembering unique login credentials for multiple platforms is a mental chore, especially when you’ve got so much else to be thinking about, right? Not to mention the frustration, resources and business time routinely wasted having to reset passwords.

The good news is there is an easier way. That’s why tmgroup has introduced a quick and easy Single Sign-On (SSO) option for users on its digital legal services platforms, using Sign in with Microsoft. This means that tmgroup customers who have a Microsoft account can simply sign into its platforms via their Microsoft account, while retaining the highest security standards and ease of use.

Separate usernames and passwords are no longer required, so that customers can enjoy a streamlined sign-in experience and save time, without compromising their firm’s commitment to data security. Once registered to use Single Sign On with Microsoft, users just click the Sign In button whenever they need to access tmgroup’s platforms.

Thomas Maerz, CEO at tmgroup, says, “The customer is at the heart of everything we do as a business. Single-Sign On is one of many technological initiatives that demonstrate our commitment to delivering the best user experience on our platforms. We understand the enormous stress that legal firms work under, so we are delighted to offer added convenience and support our customers’ day-to-day productivity through our new user-friendly, seamless sign-in function.”

To find out how tmgroup’s innovative solutions make the complexities of the residential and commercial property transaction simple for law firms, visit the tmgroup website.