LSSA white paper on continuing investment helps legal software bring the maximum benefits to law firms

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) has published a white paper for law firms which sets out what they should consider in order to gain the maximum benefits from their continuing investment in legal technology.

When law firms commit to a long-term investment in legal technology, they must regularly consider and review their infrastructure, their physical and virtual assets and their continued support and deployment. The LSSA white paper helps law firms understand how they can best mitigate risk, exploit business opportunities and ensure a return on their expenditure. It focuses on six key areas:

LSSA CEO Kevin Horlock comments:

“Many law firms have been slow or reluctant to invest in technology which can reduce their costs, improve their efficiency and enhance the experience for their clients. Today‚Äôs clients want fast, responsive and attentive service – all at a lower price. Client loyalty is fragile and law firms which do not – or cannot – deliver speedy, high quality and cost-effective services to their clients will swiftly see their clients and their money move elsewhere.  For that reason, a strategy to invest in legal technology is vital for all law firms.”

View the full whitepaper from the LSSA here:

In addition, as part of an ongoing collaboration with For Media Group. A pre-recorded online seminar accompanying this LSSA white paper provides more detailed information and guidance. The online seminar is hosted by Tim Smith of the LSSA who is in discussion with expert panel members Elwyn Morgan of Timeslice Ltd, Angela Hesketh of Smoove and Bishu Solomon Girma of Access Legal. The panel discusses the six key areas to consider and actions to take to ensure maximise ROI when investing in legal technology: