LEAP introduces LawConnect Client Portal

LEAP has recently announced the launch of an updated client portal, free for any law firm using its Legal Practice Productivity Solution.

Seamlessly integrated with LEAP, LawConnect delivers a simple, secure client portal from which the law firm’s clients gain easy access to their documents, make online payments, book appointments or sign documents electronically. With dedicated apps for mobile devices, alongside a web application, clients can manage their matters at a time and place convenient to them.

The portal carries the law firm’s brand, including logo and colour palette, ensuring a consistent client experience and the confidence that they’re dealing directly with their firm.

Thanks to its self-service nature, the portal simplifies how clients engage with their lawyer, access and share information, make enquiries and action pending items relating to their matters when convenient to them, without having to contact their lawyer. This frees up significant administration time that is usually not billed, enabling the lawyer to concentrate on fee earning activities.

“At LEAP, we are committed to helping law firms work more efficiently and enhance their clients’ experience, allowing lawyers’ more time to offer expert legal advice,” says Gareth Walker, CEO, LEAP UK. “This new integration with LawConnect is the latest example of that. Law firms reap the benefits of improved collaboration and faster payments, and clients receive a more streamlined and secure experience.”

The unique integration enables law firms to deliver great customer service through the additional functionality provided. Benefits include:

For more information, please visit https://www.leap.co.uk/legal-software-integrations/law-connect/