LAIT Legal becomes the latest company to join the LSSA

November 2022

The LSSA  (Legal Software Suppliers Association) is delighted to announce that LAIT Legal is the latest legal technology provider to join the Association.

As the UK industry body for legal systems developers and vendors, the LSSA maintains technology standards and manages areas of mutual interest between lawyers and software providers.

Law Accounting and IT (LAIT) is a legal software system that offers end-to-end solutions and support for legal firms. LAIT partners with clients to create innovative software solutions that help law firms become a lasting success in the UK legal sector. 

The LAIT development team has established in-depth knowledge of the UK legal sector and expertise in the software development industry since 2015. Its experience with old and outdated software used in legal firms has propelled it to find creative solutions, resulting in the development of its web-based software application, which is configured for UK law firms. 

Becoming an LSSA member enables LAIT Legal to join and influence the conversation to shape the future of the ever-growing UK legal tech industry and affords it networking opportunities with fellow leading UK legal tech vendors.  

Muthiah Srikanthan (Sri), Head of Strategy at Lait Legal, comments, “We are delighted to join the LSSA. We are looking forward to sharing our experience of the legal technology industry with our peers to build relationships and foster opportunities for mutually beneficial growth.”  

Chair of the LSSA, Tim Smith, comments, “The LSSA is delighted to welcome LAIT Legal to our interactive community of legal tech vendors. Our members support each other by sharing knowledge and best practice to help them provide cost- and time-saving software products to legal professionals.”