Why a digital-first mindset is crucial for successful hybrid working

Hybrid working and law firms: why a digital first mindset is crucial for success

by Chris Pucci, CEO of Osprey Approach

Chris Pucci, CEO Osprey Approach

Hybrid working and law firms: why a digital first mindset is crucial for success

A report from the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) found that over 80% of managers said their businesses had adopted hybrid working, with two-thirds saying this had been prompted by the Covid pandemic.

That’s certainly reflective of the legal sector. A survey by Acritas reported that 77% of senior lawyers wanted to keep elements of remote working as they seek to retain greater flexibility as part of a better work-life balance. This echoes the findings of this year’s LPM Frontiers Report which found that only 15% of firms expect their team to return to the ‘five days in the office’ model.

For many firms, this new way of working has presented challenges for their business operations. Firms need to consider whether their teams have the right equipment to be able to work effectively across locations, whether they’re trained correctly in managing cyber security threats, and whether the right infrastructure is in place to support them.

Of those firms who responded to LPM’s Frontiers Report, almost 60% said that behavioural factors remain the biggest challenge when it comes to optimising hybrid working. This suggests that firms believe they have the right technology in place but are not necessarily making the best use of it – and certainly, people’s ‘habits’ need scrutinising.

I have written previously about the importance of firms being aware of current habits. It is only by scrutinising existing tools, processes, and behaviour that it’s possible to consider whether existing habits are having a positive impact on the business, or whether it’s time to reset and implement new, more effective ones.

Anywhere Operations: implementing digital-first habits

When it comes to making positive changes in your firm to help you realise your longer-term goals, you need to implement a cultural mindset and business strategy that is digital-first. A strategy that focuses on using technology, processes, and your team to enable an effective operation free from physical restrictions.

All of this can be achieved through a concept known as Anywhere Operations.

Anywhere Operations is a ‘digital-first’ model which is more than just enabling remote working or connecting with clients virtually. It is about building an adaptable and resilient foundation of technology solutions, internal procedures, digital tools, and the right skillsets to run your firm seamlessly without a physical infrastructure and no matter the location of staff and clients.  

A digital-first approach sets the foundation for all subsequent habits. To operate successfully, firms should adopt a digitally-focused operational strategy that is more than simply a ‘working from home’ policy. Thinking digital-first ensures your business can operate, collaborate, and service clients without the reliance on physical locations, infrastructure, or processes, providing the ultimate flexibility and continuity.

Anywhere Operations challenges the traditional ideas of how to run a law firm and removes the need for an office location and face-to-face client interactions. It utilises technology to run a seamless and unrestricted operation that drives efficiency and enables a frictionless collaboration between clients and lawyers digitally.

Whilst this may sound ideal, how do you adopt an Anywhere Operations model in practical terms?

Build digital foundations with practice and case management software

To set your firm up for success, you need to create the right environment that enables effective digital habits to flourish and reduces inefficient manual ones. A crucial element of creating the right environment is having effective tools. A cloud-based, fully integrated practice and case management system (PCMS) is a fundamental part of a law firm’s toolkit that is needed to adopt an Anywhere Operations approach, with benefits including:

When fully utilised and implemented to its best advantage, a PCMS is a fantastic tool that will set your firm up with strong digital foundations. Our article about fundamental business habits outlines the habits you should adopt to achieve a truly digital first mindset, helping you to remain competitive.

Think digital first – and build effective habits – to future proof your firm

By adopting an Anywhere Operations approach you will help to set your firm up for success. To achieve this, think about your priorities over the next few years and beyond.

Download our Guide to Anywhere Operations which will enable you to build solid foundations for your future success; helping to ensure that your firm is in a strong position to compete in the marketplace, whilst providing your clients with an excellent level of service and helping you retain the talent within your firm.

talent within your firm.

Chris Pucci is CEO of Osprey Approach, which provides an all-in-one, cloud-based legal accounting, case and practice management solution to law firms of all sizes. With over 30 years’ experience in the legal software sector, Osprey’s products and services are designed to help make running a profitable, compliant, and efficient law firm easier


“It would be very short sighted of bosses not to see some correlation in the shift in the working world, and the move towards hybrid.”

Ann Francke, chief executive of the CMI