5 reasons why your firm needs to embrace Cloud speech technology

UK legal firms operate in a diverse and changing landscape. Driven by regulatory reforms, rising levels of competition, consumer pressure and evolving technologies, they’ve been forced to consider new, more efficient ways to deliver legal services. Cloud speech technology does just that.

Here are the reasons why your firm needs to embrace Cloud speech technology, explained:

Reduce costs

Embracing real-time speech recognition means that live text is created as a lawyer dictates, enabling users to get instant reassurance that they’re being heard accurately; but more to the point, it enables documents to be created near instantaneously – resulting in significant time and cost savings. Letters and contracts can be produced at the speed of speech – which is three times faster than typing. In the long run, this could bring large savings for law firms.

Work remotely

The pandemic has temporarily shifted the way law firms operate – however, this switch may be the new normal and so firms need to embrace cloud technology that can permanently enable remote working. For instance, Cloud dictation software means that users can work on any device, at any time, from any location. Mobile access can provide users with the freedom to share work efficiently across multiple departments remotely, wherever they are.

Dictate into any platform

Of course, like every new technology, real-time speech recognition has gone through a developmental curve. Previous incarnations may have been relatively slow and require a powerful PC in order to get the best results. But today’s most advanced legal speech recognition applications, like ours, remove these barriers and are astoundingly efficient. For instance, you can dictate into any template on any platform, on any device.

User friendly

Users need to undertake around an hour’s training in giving the software commands that will format the dictation. After that, it’s a matter of the software “learning” your speech patterns and accent. Of course, bespoke legal speech recognition tools, already know and understand legal vocabulary and context. As a result, users can quickly achieve almost 100 percent accuracy, and can still edit documents.

Risk management & security

Another benefit of using Cloud dictation technology is that automatic Cloud back-ups mean easy data recovery so there is no need to purchase and hold costly, rarely used, backup and recovery hardware on your premises.. In cases of system failure or disasters such as flooding, data remains easily retrievable.

The advantages are clear. Lawyers gain great flexibility to work remotely; transcription costs are reduced; a great burden is lifted from support staff; work is turned around much more quickly. All of which are very good news in the current climate, when firms are having to find efficiencies wherever possible. More than ever, firms need to carve out a competitive advantage. This supplies a huge one.

How can we help?

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