Piloting law firm business intelligence dashboards

Select Legal article.

After working closely with a number of law firm clients in the latter part of 2020, Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of legal practice management software LAWFUSION, has announced today that their new Dashboards will begin piloting next week.

The customisable business intelligence (BI) dashboards have been designed, with valuable input from the company’s law firm focus groups, to pull live data from key areas of the LAWFUSION system to present in an analytical-style display to aid decision-making.

There is no doubt that many of the best software systems available for law firms today offer rich functionality, and an opportunity for users to gather and record large amounts of data. Most offer comprehensive reporting tools too, enabling managers to drill down into the depths of the system to isolate and review a whole raft of information. This can often be time-consuming.

Dashboards take business intelligence to a different level. Many businesses are data-rich but find they have a wealth of information that is not easily accessible. There are certain metrics leaders of law firms need to see on a daily basis to facilitate solid business decision-making. A carefully thought-through dashboard can present those key metrics in real-time so that the user can see the metrics as they change, reducing the need to toggle between different areas of the system, or continually run reports. The ultimate aim of the LAWFUSION Dashboards for law firms is to enable their leaders to make better-informed decisions, more quickly, with more confidence, and the pilot, with 8 dashboard widgets in the first instance, is the starting point.

The insight ‘Team LAWFUSION’ has gathered from law firms, during the focus group phase of their dashboard development, has enabled them to enter the piloting phase. This will enable the team to delve more deeply into law firm user needs so they can fine-tune this development before the dashboards are made available to the whole Select Legal client base. The plan is to eventually make a series of dashboards available geared towards the business intelligence needs of various departments. For example – finance, practice management, compliance and fee earner dashboards etc.

It is well documented that 65% of the world’s population are visual learners. So a series of bespoke dashboards pulling key business intelligence from across the length and breadth of the LAWFUSION system will deliver many benefits to law firm teams.

If you would like more information about the LAWFUSION Dashboards, or any other aspect of the LAWFUSION suite of software, please call Team LAWFUSION today on 01482 567601. Alternatively, there is an online enquiry form available here at all other times. For more background reading please visit the LAWFUSION website. You may also want to check out our library of law firm case studies here.