Quill’s growth plans looking beyond current COVID-19 crisis

Press Release, Quill.

Quill’s grown its headcount by three employees in the past month. In March, Quill welcomed Harry McHarry (Product Development Director), Pete Richards (Development Team Manager) and Robert Graham (Lead UI Developer) into its development team, primarily based in Brighton.

The new recruits are instrumental in its long-term commitment to software development. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, Quill’s dedicated to keeping the momentum going by continually enhancing its software and service portfolio.

Supplementary to these three-fold appointments, Quill’s promoted Kim Whitley from Legal Cashier to Client Account Manager within its sales team. Kim’s job is to identify the additional products and services clients need to become more efficient such as cashiering cover, desktop integration, AML searches, payment chain protection and more.

Julian Bryan, Managing Director, comments: “Whilst recognising the challenges faced by every business during the coronavirus pandemic, at Quill we’re doing our utmost to maintain business as usual wherever possible. Of course, our entire staff is now remote working and we’ve introduced steps to safeguard their health and wellbeing, but one thing remains constant and that’s our absolute focus on clients’ needs.

“For this reason, we’ve undertaken these key hires and promotion. We’re delighted to have Harry, Pete and Robert on board and wish Kim the best of luck in her promoted position. Quill’s workforce is all the better for it.

“We intend to build upon our successes to date and provide the most comprehensive, one-stop solution for law firms; the latter being of even greater importance in the current climate with differing demands now being made of suppliers in terms of home-working requirements and interim cover for ill or self-isolating employees, be they cashiers, typists or payroll clerks. With our Interactive cloud-based software suite and extensive range of outsourcing services, Quill can help with just that. These staffing changes are pivotal to achieving these goals.”