How to prepare your business for coronavirus

Press Release. Quill.

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to spread throughout the UK, individuals displaying symptoms are self-isolating and businesses encouraging working from home. These measures are actively recommended by the government in its approach to containing the transmission of COVID-19.

Whilst the government claims it’s been planning for years how to respond to an event such as this in order to adequately protect the public, the looming epidemic has highlighted the current unpreparedness of many of our country’s businesses.

Not to be consumed by panic, now’s a time like no other to confirm your contingency plans and move home working straight to the top of your agenda for business continuity. Do you yet have the right structure in place to facilitate agile working?

One way to introduce flexibility is with software in the sky which empowers your team to operate anytime, anywhere, any device. As long as they have an internet connection, your staff can do what they need to do uninterrupted.

There’s also outsourcing services. These are equally reinforcing of a nimble, smooth-running business. Supplied as they are on an ‘always in, never sick’ basis, service cover is guaranteed. Even if your outsourced cashier, payroll clerk or typist gets ill, their deputy acts as a temporary replacement. There are no gaps ever. Such continuity is far from assured with in-house employees, particularly if it’s a one-person department and the employee in question becomes poorly.

At Quill, our raison d’être is empowering companies to introduce a successful home working and hotdesking strategy. For a start, firms automatically adopt our BCDR plans simply by becoming our client. These plans are reviewed and updated regularly, tested thoroughly and ensure we (and, therefore, you!) continue operating as close to normal as possible should disaster strike.

Then there’s our Interactive Cloud complete practice management and legal accounts software. With 99.95% system uptime, ISO 27001 certification, Cyber Essentials accreditation and round-the-clock technical helpdesk assistance, it’s a totally resilient set up.

And, finally, our constant outsourced legal cashieringpayroll and pension management, and typing services make certain that your back-office administration functions are reliable and robust.

With our workforce distributed across multiple offices and with well-rehearsed emergency procedures, including the ability for remote working assisted by our investment in laptops, infrastructure and periodic planning, we’re as prepared as we can be to keep our services fully operational. Which means no disruption for end users.

Don’t just take our word for it though. Here’s what a few of our software and outsourcing service clients have to say about our BCDR provisions…

“Quill’s solutions have secure internet access which allows us to work and attend client meetings in an online capacity. The hosted interface is superlative. Everyone can view and interact with files simultaneously.”
Oliver Wilson, Nigel Davis Solicitors

“In house, [staff absences] can be a real problem but, with Quill, there’s always someone there to keep things ticking along. The Quill back-up plan has been a huge relief.”
Rachael Fisher, Richard Griffiths & Co Solicitors

“There’s the reassurance of business continuity. You’re not left in the lurch through staff absences or network problems. You’ll always have outsourcing support and the hosted system is run from the secure, off-site Quill server for constant data access.”
John Searles, Thorn Drury & Searles Solicitors

“It’s reassuring to know that the data’s safe, backed up and stored off site. With this type of set up, there’s emergency planning in case the ‘what if’ scenario becomes a reality.”
Allan Hunt, MPP Solicitors

“Our partners have the independence to log in whether at the office or on the move. Cloud solutions remove all the old barriers which restrict usage to specific times and locations. But, fundamentally for us, Quill’s safety measures comply fully with the global ISO 27001 standard. So, while we’ve introduced much-needed flexibility, we haven’t compromised security.”
Sarah Goulbourne, Gunnercooke

Respond in the only way needed to coronavirus by getting in touch today. Your preparedness can begin tomorrow. Email or call 0161 236 2910.