Law Society’s Software Solutions Guide

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) is once again pleased to be supporting the Law Society in the production of this latest edition of the Software Solutions Guide.

The LSSA is the industry body for legal systems suppliers in England and Wales. For over 14 years we have represented legal software suppliers and most of the leading suppliers are now members (many of whom are featured in this guide).

Whether your firm is a sole partner practice or a top 10 law firm, your interests are represented by the broad range of representation of LSSA members, specializing in solutions for law firms of all sizes. As an association, our members’ software is in use by more than 75% of firms in private practice.

The LSSA provides a highly representative and unified voice for the legal software industry and is best placed to provide a strong focus in establishing standards and cooperation between suppliers, professional bodies, and government organizations. We have set up and actively contribute to a number of different working parties and forums, representing and lobbying on behalf of our members with HM Land Registry, HMRC, PISCES, Court Service and the LSC.

The legal profession and the legal software industry never stand still, and neither does the LSSA. New technology and constantly changing legislation mean the LSSA strives to be at the forefront of these developments in order to assist and advise law firms on how best to embrace and adapt to new technology, legislation, evolving business models, and growing customer requirements.

There can be no doubt that modern legal software systems make a significant contribution to the overall success of any law firm. If you are looking to change any of your legal software, make sure that you improve your chances of success by including LSSA members on your shortlist.

Ultimately we are only successful if your firms are successful in gaining real benefits from your legal software solution.

Dominic Cullis
Chairman LSSA

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