LSSA - Legal Software Suppliers Associations

Welcome to the Legal Software Suppliers Association

The Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) is the UK industry body for legal systems developers and vendors. Representing most of the leading UK suppliers, it aims to both set and maintain professional standards within the industry and manage areas of mutual interest between lawyers and software providers.

The LSSA has numerous links with legislative bodies – such as the Land Registry, LAA, Law Society, etc – and is committed to developing clear channels of communication to enable law firms to gain the maximum benefit from their selected software solutions.


I believe that the LSSA has an incredibly important role to play in the legal software arena. As a collective body the LSSA has more influence and representation than any one individual member company would ever have. This gives us as the LSSA the opportunity to lobby for information, gain assistance from statutory bodies and represent change that can be disseminated across the membership, thereby directing more successfully the development of legal software applications.

The benefit of this would be delivered through the LSSA member suppliers to the individual software applications and thus to the majority of law firms in the UK as they make use of modern technologies.

Collaboration and Online Portals will be a big topic of conversation and consideration going forward and as an organisation representing Software Suppliers that provide Software to around 90% of Law Firms in the UK the LSSA will undoubtedly be central to this.

My own aims for the LSSA are to continue to work with legislative bodies and external organisations in promoting the availability of information across the industry and to evangelise the use of technology in law firms. I, with the assistance of the LSSA member companies, will seek to develop standards and regulations surrounding the provision of legal software and to manage the pivotal position that the LSSA will play in online collaboration and Portals.

Matthew Lancaster