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LSSA Working Parties (WP)

LAA. Chair – Adrian Jones


This WP meets regularly with various groups from LAA and endeavours to feed back views of LSSA members on all areas of Legal Aid to make things easier for our users. Progress has been mixed. From getting an agreement to a Protocol designed to give sufficient advance notice of changes to having its timescales ignored as a result of political pressure.

Consultation has again been mixed. From a genuine discussion and consideration of our views to the sort where we are told what and when changes will occur.

The forthcoming changes in Legal Aid will again produce challenges but the WP will continue to discuss improvements in delivery of systems designed to help users make the most efficient use of their investment.

Land Registry. Chair – Dominic Cullis

This WP had been closely involved with the development of the Business Gateway and worked with LR to improve delivery of electronic services. Following the announcement that the up front fee for use of BG is to be abolished at the end of October, we hope that the block on take up of wider e-conveyancing services will have been removed.

We have had meetings with senior officials of the MoJ on their plans for the transformation of LR and commercialisation of its data services and are hopeful that, working at a higher level, we may be able to convince them that unless electronic signatures and the exchange matrix are mandated in some way, e-conveyancing will be held back.

Regulatory.  Chair – Dominic Cullis

This WP has been working mainly with SRA on the Accounts Rules up till now. But its new focus is on Regulation generally and will try to forge links with ILEX and CLC. Its general remit is to ensure that any proposed changes are consulted on and that any system changes need for compliance are properly developed in a timely manner.

HMRC. Chair – Glyn Morris

CASH meetings covering all heads of taxation are attended by Chief Exec, Roger Hancock.  Proposed changes to taxation are discussed with software developers covering all service industries affected. Issues for consultation are passed on to members and fed back to the Heads of the relevant taxes at HM Treasury

Other WPs are set up as circumstances require.